Social Media Amplification

Social Media Amplification

Social MediaSocial media has been a marketing buzz word for several years now, but that’s not to say that the marketers themselves understand it. As such, a lot of companies are uncertain about exactly what a social media marketing agency can offer.

At InXct we have a number of set social media products, including off-site campaigns and bolt on packages that can be integrated with your existing website. Although pre-packaged, these products are used as part of a tailored solution that fits your needs.

We’ve been involved in social media since before the phrase was even coined. We not only set trends in the field, but powered some of the India’s most successful campaigns while we were at it. Our website launch packages have become renowned, with some clients reporting hundreds of thousands of visitors within the first few days.


Social Media

5 more reasons to Choose InXct

Award Winning

We’re proud to have worked on several award winning campaigns for clients such as St.Angelos, Johnson & Johnson  and many more.

Multiple Benefits

All our viral campaigns and social media efforts receive input from the SEO team to ensure that whatever links and attention the campaign receives is efficiently turned into better search engine rankings – a bonus to clients that deliver long term revenue even for small short-lived campaigns.


We live and breathe social media and understand the space better than any other agency in the India. That’s a grand claim, but when you’ve built, owned and created some of the largest blogs in India, you develop a keen understanding for why some campaigns take social networks by storm and others fall completely flat.

Integrated Development Resource

Social media requires a quick turnaround – we need to be able to react within minutes to any important changes. It’s also reassuring to know that when your server goes down after a traffic surge at 4am on a Saturday morning, we’ll be working on a fix straight away – without having to phone your web developers and interrupt their weekend.

24 hour service

Promoting a viral campaign or monitoring how social networks are reacting to a particular product launch isn’t a 9-5 job. Thanks to the social media team and our flexibility we can work 24 hours a day on your campaign without breaking a sweat (and that’s saying something in 90 degree heat!).