Pay per click – PPC

Pay per click – PPC

Traditionally paid search (Pay Per Click) campaigns were quite straightforward to set up with adverts appearing in a position determined by the amount you were willing to pay for each visitor.

When Google introduced the Quality Score algorithm(QSI) the game changed and PPC became more complicated than natural search. Agencies now need to understand how to maximise the number of visitors for their clients budgets while monitoring conversion rates of visitors to ensure the campaign remains profitable.

PPC Platforms

PPC is by no means an exact science and the difference between one agency and another can be huge.

Our Core Strategies:

  • The creation of a targeted, well budgeted campaign that features the most efficient converting keywords
  • Developing High Quality Scores through Ad Group optimization, ad creation and landing page analysis
  • Targeted, Specific and Enticing Ad Copy with targeted calls to action
  • Tracking of Conversions and Constant Adjustment of bids and terms (manual and automated)
  • Daily quality control of campaign to monitor delivery of ads
  • Detailed analysis. The more the merrier. The more we analyze, the better you do.

PPC Management ServicesOur process has evolved and is by far one of the most sophisticated programs in the industry. We have experience growing campaigns from as little as 10,000 a month to over 200,000 a month in online PPC marketing.  Our sophisticated PPC Management program will provide your company with an increase in conversion rates and will ultimately offer a significant improvement on your overall return on investment.

Our expertise managing large PPC budgets across all major platforms and investment in high performance web analytics products means we can often deliver astounding results within weeks rather than months resulting in substantial cost savings and staggering ROI.

Contact us today for a free no-obligation analysis of your PPC campaigns and see what InXct can do for you.