Digital Producation

Success isn’t the exception, it’s the rule.

What is Digital Production?

“We’ve got the innovation and intelligence to transform your digital presence”

InXct have long been established within the digital production industry, and as the environment has developed, we’ve developed with it.  This team of highly-skilled experts are purely committed to providing you with fast, efficient, and cost effective digital production.

We solve a high-volume of digital communication problems, but remain on-brand and creative. From games, banners, emails, animation, to mobile and emerging platforms, we’ve got the innovation and intelligence to transform your digital presence.

Why is Digital Production important?

You need to get noticed, and be memorable. Digital production can help you do this; it’s a key platform for communication with new customers, so it needs to be outstanding. We provide the best possible interactive experience for your customers using the latest web technologies, increasing customer loyalty and reflecting your brand values.

Whether you want to improve your internet presence or introduce your brand to the mobile realm, DigitalMill can advise and point you in the right direction. This isn’t about taking your brand to the latest technological trend just to stay current; this is about understanding your company objectives and embracing a platform that will not only achieve them, but transform the way you do business. As an expert production company, we will ensure you’ll see results.

What are the benefits of our Digital Production service?

  • Cost-effective: you won’t have the expense of an in-house production team
  • Efficient: with our Malaysian production team, we provide round the clock service
  • Innovative: we live and breathe all things digital, meaning your web solution will be fresh and on-brand
  • Value: our systems and processes are the most capable, meaning your marketing spend is maximised
  • Quality: we don’t compromise creativity for speed, we understand that both are a necessity

Our Approach

Trust and communication are essential. All of our projects begin with a brief, and then we can build reliable and honest client relationships, and devise a thorough plan to make sure we meet every single one of your objectives. Our relationship with you is valued, and we pride ourselves on providing transparent reports of tasks completed and the time spent; this ensures you’re always up-to-date and involved with the progress.

Once we know what you want, we get to work on our research; only then can our technical experts choose the right technology to suit your requirements and budget. With specialist and professional copywriters in-house, not only will your content be concise and engaging, but it will be optimised for SEO. Along with our link-builders and bloggers, we ensure you get the web exposure you need.

All designs are tested again and again; trying it out on users so that any improvements can be made to enhance their experience. Our clients have included some world-class brands, such as Johnson & Johnson, LMI, St.Angelo’s , and it comes as no surprise to us when they keep coming back for more. We have the skills, experience, and flair to fulfil your digital marketing needs; just put your trust in us.

To outshine above everyone else, get in touch with InXct and gain some intelligent insight.